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La mémoire cellulaire


Released September 2020


Based on true events:

There is a radiation that manifests around the physical body called the “aura” or energy field. Some quantum physics research has shown that this radiation comes from energetic activity linked to cellular activity.

Genetics has always tried to advance based on medical experiments. The reality is very different and reveals a proven truth between several worlds. But which ones? What are these engrams that facilitate this transport?






Lisa and Christophe, a united and inseparable couple, strongly desire to become parents. After years of attempts and failures, their wish finally comes true: Lisa becomes pregnant and gives birth to Helena.

After five years of family happiness, their dream comes to an end in just a few seconds: Helena is kidnapped. Devastated, Lisa and Christophe do everything in their power to find their child, refusing to accept the unacceptable.